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  •   ico Name: Aaron IP:166.137.242.* 2015/1/28 1:21:10

    Extremely quick, reliable, and safe. Live chat is awesome, and there's always somebody on.

  •   ico Name: Andy IP:205.211.158.* 2015/2/7 3:05:42

    This is a powerful website, comprehensive product, the price is very cheap!

  •   ico Name: Tveris IP:86.14.159.* 2015/2/17 2:39:47

    customer service is great, they know what they are doing, i trust this website 100% , its my new favourite website

  •   ico Name: Panda IP:110.23.41.* 2015/2/25 8:48:53

    I like this site,good service, fast speed and very cheap!!

  •   ico Name: Andrew IP:65.191.184.* 2015/3/20 22:21:04

    Fantastic! Much better compared to others!

  •   ico Name: Dan IP:174.73.112.* 2015/4/10 15:43:38

    Wow! fast, and cheap. first time user, and I will be back :)

  •   ico Name: jacob whitman IP:108.227.254.* 2015/7/29 9:57:14

    AMAZING THEY HELP U AND talk to u threw the whole transaction 5of5 STARS

  •   ico Name: Chris IP:72.74.41.* 2015/8/10 10:43:01

    Great service. Bought 3 times from them so far, always met the needs. Only once did I have to wait a bit for the gold to acquire (I bought in large portions). Definitely recommend.

  •   ico Name: Thomas IP:104.243.82.* 2015/9/16 7:16:18

    excellent speed and service, would buy again

  •   ico Name: Leroy IP:68.145.170.* 2015/9/18 14:52:42

    Best service and it was fast delivery. would buy again..

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